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Turnkey Projects

Capabilities & Methodology

SCL provides complete construction solutions. The capabilities include all aspects of Construction management and execution. The Company provides comprehensive design and architecture of the project, seeing it through construction phase services including interior design, utility planning etc. These services and initiatives are what differentiate SCL from other companies.

The in-house capabilities include:

Design & Architecture
SCL has an in-house team of competent and qualified architects who provide detailed construction drawings and estimates keeping in mind the budget, the laws and norms of the land where the project is being implemented.
Construction Management
SCL has expertise in preparing Systematic construction plans right at the beginning of the project, which involves, starting from capturing requirements, drawing plan, selection of right vendor for construction and equipments and continuous monitoring of project keeping focus on completion schedule.
Interior Design
SCL has its forum of interior designers. They are professionals with requisite experience and knowledge in their field. They ascertain client requirements and factors affecting planning interior environments such as budget, architectural preferences and purpose and function.
Mechanical & Electrical Plumbing
SCL has expert consultants on its panel to prepare optimum design for all kind of specific requirements for MEP right from small transit house to 15 story high profile corporate buildings.
All constructions of SCL are Vaastu compliant. The company has domain expertise in Indian Vaastu Shastra and provides expert consultation, guidance in various fields right from the construction of the building for commercial or residential purpose to the interior decoration services, which are based on Vaastu Shastra. This service includes designing the interiors and placing furnitures and other accessories to imbibe positive force.

The methodology for construction used is as follows:

  • Selection of Architect / Consultants
  • Selection of Subcontractors based on financial capabilities, technical capabilities , machinery , manpower etc.
  • Award of contracts
  • Supply of major materials to sub contractors.
  • Quality checks & procedure as per ISO QMS.
  • Budget control
  • Project Monitoring & Review Systems