Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Quality & Safety Policy

Quality Policy

To deliver world class quality in services and products and achieve maximum customer satisfaction and confidence. Build a culture of business excellence, striving towards continuous improvement in all processes and build sustainable and long term relationship with all stakeholders of the Company. To achieve this goal, the impulsion is towards the following:

Optimal utilization of man, machine, finance and resources
Development of reliable vendors for a higher degree of Quality Assurance
Adherence to project completion schedules
Provision of safe working environment, planning systems for effective implementation
Strong organizational support through human resource

Safety Policy

Build safety in design and execution with a focus on safety of man, material, machines and structures. Ensure safety in all the operations through proper training of personnel, implementation of all standard safety procedures, adherence to regulations, provision of requisite safety equipment and regular safety audits to ensure overall safety.


To become the most preferred, dependable and trusted solutions provider to the customers by delivering high quality cost effective products, services and projects on schedule and aiming at customer delight.


Build trusted relationships with customers
Develop employees by supporting motivated, flexible, and focused teams
Remain fair and true in its dealings with all the stakeholders
Strive to bring growth to the stakeholders and community at large